When your best clients drive your practice,
attracting more of them is easy
Learn to get referrals the natural way
and revolutionize your business
Most of what you have heard about getting referrals
is incomplete, outdated, or wrong
Advisors don’t get referrals because they
have no formal plan to attract them
Steve Wershing is the best marketing mind in
financial planning. - Bob Veres (Publisher, Inside Information)
Introductions following our last client advisory board meeting represent almost $30 million in new assets.

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The conundrum of marketing trust

You cannot deliver trust. But you can nurture it. Here are some strategies.

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Engaging your client advisory board to dig into survey results

One of the best ways to utilize your advisory board is to dig into survey results that surprise you.

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Convert experiences to learning with a debriefing process

How well do you turn mistakes into improvements? “If you gloss over mistakes you’re just another smoking hole in the ground.”

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Use a Process Graphic to Help Turn Prospects into Clients

An illustration of your client process can show prospects how you’re different and help get them excited about working with you.

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Making the Most of Client Feedback

What you do with client feedback is more important than soliciting it. Here are a few tips on how to put it into action.

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Provide proof to attract clients

Advisors say similar things when courting prospective clients. Here's how to prove you are different.

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Hear my interview about Advisory Boards on "Ask the 401(k) Experts" podcast

Sharon Pivirotto, of www.401kbestpractices.com interviews me about client advisory boards on her new podcast.

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Why don’t we look outside the financial world for answers to our business problems?

Why don’t we see reviews of books from the general business press reviewed in our trade journals? Why don’t we hear of advisors or experts taking a new management or marketing idea from a bestseller and trying it out in an advisory firm? How many opportunities are we missing by not taking a broader view?

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No more elevator pitches - Start using a positioning statement

I propose you stop using an elevator pitch to describe your advisory business. Here's how to put something more productive in its place.

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The Evolution of the Client Meeting

Client preferences are changing and keeping your clients satisfied and loyal means you need to be making some changes along with them.

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